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A funeral is an event that marks an important time in the lives of an entire family. The easiest comparison is to a wedding. Like a wedding, a funeral can take on many forms. A wedding can be a meticulously planned, luxuriant event with a thousand person guest list, full religious service, live band, and a ten-tiered cake. A wedding can also be a trip to the local magistrate with only the bride and groom’s families as witnesses. Either way, they are meaningful because it is an event in a day that marks something important. These events are important because they bring a family together in a positive way by being there for each other. It is these “get-togethers” that literally make a family. Without the event, the family has no time to get together and, thus, has no time for each other. The first type of wedding is more expensive than the second type, but both can be as important and as touching to the people who attend.

A funeral is similar. A funeral can be a traditional affair with a beautiful mahogany casket and two days of visitation with religious and graveside services. It can also be a cremation with no visitation followed by a funeral luncheon at a local restaurant with the person’s family and friends. In either case, the family of the person who passed has an event and a time to get together and be there for each other as a family. The unfortunate thing that we see as funeral directors is when a family doesn’t take that time. The difference in pricing for those two types of funerals is as different as the two examples of the weddings above, but the difference in result isn’t much at all. Both events marked an important time for a family.

Bekavac Funeral Homes is a business, and as a business we are established to make a profit to pay our employees, our bills, and general overhead expenses. We admit that. More so, we are funeral directors because we believe in the value of a funeral to a family. We think that what we do is important. In today’s society, which can be “disposable,” some local funeral homes promote low cost, “no frills” cremations that, literally, put the “dispose” in “disposition.” To not make the funeral into an event, to treat it as if it’s “no big deal,” is to undermine our chosen profession and undermine what makes a family. A family is only as strong as the time it spends together. There are very few times as important as the death of one of its members. We think that everyone should have an event, a funeral, to mark that importance. And that is why we at Bekavac Funeral Home feel that the answer to the question “Do I need to have a funeral?” is a resounding “Yes.”

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