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All of our caskets are purchased from local vendors and available in a number of materials, styles, colors and price ranges. Caskets may be constructed of the highest quality materials and ornately decorated or made from basic materials and left simple. Whatever casket you may choose, we support your decision.


Bronze – For sculpture, for monuments, or whenever craftsmen want their work to defy the elements, they turn to bronze. This semi-precious metal is ideal for families who simply want the best for their loved ones.
Copper – Like bronze, this semi-precious metal is most enduring and these caskets are designed to withstand the elements of time..
Stainless Steel – Adding chromium and nickel to standard steel yields stainless steel. Used to protect valuable equipment in the harshest of environments, this remarkable metal resists the elements with exceptional strength..
16 Gauge Steel – Strong and durable, this heavy weight metal is used to build everything from automobiles to skyscrapers..
18 Gauge Steel – These medium weight caskets are slightly thinner than 16 gauges and offer a less expensive alternative..
20 Gauge Steel – These light weight caskets are produced from the thinnest metal and provide an economic alternative to the medium and heavy weight steel. .


Mahogany – Mahogany is an exotic hardwood grown in the dense forests of Central America. Exceptionally heavy and beautiful, the exterior finishes of mahogany often reflect the characteristic red color..
Walnut – One of the most valued hardwoods, walnut is grown in America and used in fine furniture all over the world. Its rich grain offers an attractive exterior finish..
Cherry – A rich, heavy fruitwood, cherry features a dense grain and a distinctive amber color. Like walnut, it is often used for fine furniture and cabinetry. .
Maple - A white, tight grained wood, maple can be stained in a wide range of colors and is extremely hard and versatile..
Hickory – Grown in the forests of the United States and Asia, hickory has a combination of strength, toughness, hardness, and stiffness that is not found in any other commercial wood. .
Pecan – Grown exclusively in the southern United States, pecan is a durable wood that is a popular choice for flooring and fine furniture. It displays a straight, coarse grain pattern and light reddish-brown color. The final product offers a warm, natural appearance. .
Ash – Heavy, hard and strong, white ash grows in abundance in the Appalachian Mountains. Ash finishes are usually light in color and offer wild, intriguing grain patterns. .
Oak – Grown throughout America, oak is an extremely heavy material with a one of a kind grain pattern. .
Poplar – A smooth, white hardwood, poplar is grown in the eastern forests of the United States and has a very fine grain. Exterior finishes range from extremely light to deep, rich colors. .
Pine – A plentiful, versatile tree from forests in the United States, pine is a natural soft wood with a varied grain..


Specialized cremation caskets are available when cremation is desired. Constructed of wood or cloth, these containers are intended to break down quickly during the cremation process.

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