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Aftercare is a buzzword in the funeral industry amongst many funeral directors. Simply put, it is a systematic approach to maintain a presence and relationship with the family after the funeral is over. At Bekavac Funeral Homes, we have been doing aftercare for three generations. Although we never called it aftercare; this has always been how we do things.

Whether it’s helping a widow fill out an insurance form a month after the funeral, a thank you note to the family in the mail, a telephone call to check in on a person, or a conversation at a grocery store, what we do after a funeral makes a connection with our families that defines what makes our job special. Funeral homes are businesses, sure; but the gratitude that we feel from a thank you note, a basket of homegrown peppers from a widower’s garden, a hug from a misty-eyed relative, or a simple handshake, encourages us to do our job well.

Aftercare, for Bekavac Funeral Homes, is about being available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year after the funeral is over. We know that the loss of a loved one may start to truly “sink in” a month, 3 months, or longer. When the funeral is over, the flowers have wilted, the relatives have gone home, and the person is truly in the place of final rest, we want our clients to know that they’re not alone. We are there for them long after that final goodbye.

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